Dear Parents and Students,

The 2019-20 school year is just a few weeks away… as I write this welcome letter from the new location of Haugesund International School, at Torvastad on Karmøy, I am filled with emotion thinking about all that is to come–both in the next few weeks, but also in the subsequent years.

The other day the sign that read, Håland Skole, was taken down from the side of this building. That sign hung here for the past 40+years and now we are preparing to hang a sign for Haugesund International School. It is a new season; there will be new students running around on the playground and learning in these classrooms. There will be new teachers helping to inspire the learning that takes place here. There will be new families that perhaps did not grow up in Torvastad, but are entrusting that this location will be a place for their children to grow and thrive. We have been given a great space to move into this next chapter of our school and I could not be more excited for the future.

Haugesund International School started in 2016 with 18 students and 6 staff members. As we head into our fourth year, we will have close to 60 students and we have room to grow! I have loved being a part of this school the past three years and now, I am very grateful to have the role of Head of School and to work together with a fabulous team of professionals to take this school and community of learners to the next level. I know that Haugesund International School will flourish, that numbers will increase, and that HIS will be a sought-after option for students in the Haugaland region.

I believe that education is only effective when all stakeholders work in partnership with one another, sharing their passion for, and understanding of, educational goals. This is why I think it is crucial for there to be a shared vision by all parties: be they leaders, teachers, parents, or students. I hope we can all work together to create this vision. Please be involved– come to Parent Council meetings, join us for assemblies and school performances, ask questions, share your concerns and your delights. My job is to help build relationships between those that are a part of HIS. I am a deeply relational person, it’s one of the things I like best about being part of a school community. I am passionate about interacting with students, parents, and colleagues as we work together to improve the learning environment. I view the work of a school leader as a balance of support, attentiveness, and collaboration amongst these three groups.

Please know that my door is always open and hope you will come visit often. I look forward to working with you all!


Julie Osteig

Head of School 40670871