Haugesund International School, is a non-profit foundation and seeks to keep the level of fees as low as financially viable. The Department of Education has set a maximum level for these school fees, which are subject to any changes or conditions that are determined by the UDir.

Fee schedule 2023-24

Primary School PYP 1-5
Annually: NOK 28,500
Installments: NOK 2,850

Middle School MYP 6-10
Annually: NOK 29,900
Installments: NOK 2,990

The total tuition fee is for the academic year of 2023/2024 (August 2023 to June 2024)
Tuition will be billed in 10 installments per year; the first mid-July (due August 1) and the last mid-April (due May 1). Payment is due by the first of each month during the school year.

Payment plan

A non-refundable signing fee of NOK 500 will be invoiced shortly after signing the contract.

The remaining balance will be paid in full or in 10 equal monthly instalments of NOK 2,850 and NOK 2,990 for PYP and MYP respectively.

Instalments are due on the 1st of each month from August 2023 to May 2024.

Payment must be paid through direct debit for as long as the student is registered at Haugesund International School. Additional details regarding payment can be found in the school contract.

Sibling Discount

A discount will be made available to families with more than one student enrolled at HIS.  -10% off of tuition for the second child and -20% off of tuition for the third child.