We are looking for 1-2 qualified Norwegian teacher(s) to join our International School team for the 2022-23 school year.  This is a one year position to cover a leave (permisjon). We are still determining if this will be a 100% position, with the right candidate covering all Norwegian classes for Grades 1-10 or if we will try and find two part time positions:

  • with one teacher covering language classes for Grades 1-5 (our Primary Years Programme)
  • and another teacher covering language classes for Grades 6-10 (our Middle Years Programme).

Our working language at the school is English, with all subjects being taught in English, other than Norsk and Spansk.  Anyone applying for this position must have good command of English as it is important for communicating with students, other staff members, and parents in our community.

We welcome interested candidates to submit a CV and cover letter to post@hischool.no.  We will be conducting interviews in the coming weeks and are looking to have someone in place from the beginning of August.