Fun Facts about Haugesund International School:

  1. Our 19 staff members come from 10 different countries
  2. Building shelters and making fire is part of our curriculum
  3. Haugesund International School is actually not in Haugesund, but in Torvastad (on Karmøy island)
  4. The MYP and PYP students love playing together during recess. They even enjoy jumping in muddy puddles together!
  5. All our students are excited about the enrichment program we offer. Students can choose to take extra classes in music, Spanish, poetry, architecture, yoga, mediation, knitting, chess and creating podcasts. 
  6. Our teachers get together every week in an extra voluntary meeting to think about ways to help our students learn best. They are very passionate about learning more about Harvard Graduate School of Education’s Project Zero, the Reggio Emilia approach and -of course- the IB program.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.